in Game Rules

This are the general rules of

Everyone MUST know these rules, we do not accept a "Oh, i didn't know about this rule"
These rules include, but are not limited to:

#Hacking, Cheating or abusing the game dynamics

It is not allowed to use any form of third party program to tweak the way the game works.
This means you can NOT use programs like Cheat Engine or Trainers.

First offence - Permanent ban

#Insult Player, or Country with offensive words

You have no advantage in insulting someone.
Do not win on words, win on duels.

First offence - 7 days ban / -25.000 PK
Second offence - Permanent ban

#Bug Exploiting

It is not allowed to abuse any bug for your own advantage.
Just because there is a bug, does not mean you are allowed to abuse it.

First offence - Permanent ban

#and for simpler bugs:

1. Skill Bug.
2. Bug to cross wall.
3. Bug attack through the wall.

First offence - 2 days ban / -25.000 PK
Second offence - 3 days ban / -50.000 PK
Third offence - Permanent ban

#Bad Language, Blasphemy, Racism and Sexism

We will not accept scolding or mistreating other players.
Even though is not driven by religion, we do not accept any form of
disrespect towards any religion. We do not accept any form of Racism or Sexism

First offence - Permanent ban

#Unauthorized Access to accounts

Even if you have the username and password of someones account, this does NOT mean you can log on to it. You can only log into someones account with permission of the account owner.

First offence - Permanent ban

#Account or Item trading

It is not allowed to sell for real money in Game:

1. You cannot start a selltrade for Item or Accounts in real money.
2. It is not allowed to trade items with anything other than items in Game.
3. Dont start in Game a Bunny, /trade or Megaphone messages to sell in Real money.

First offence - 15 days ban / -50.000 PK
Second offence - Permanent ban

#We only allow selling Account or  Item on the group Facebook - LHNewEarth
or you can sell in other Facebook groups!!!

#Disrespecing staff members

Staff members are here to make your game better, they deserve your respect.

First offence - 15 days ban / -50.000 PK

#Accuse a person of cheating in public

Do not accuse someone of cheating / hacking in public, instead use the proper steps to
report this person by:

1. Sending a Support Ticket
2. Sending Facebook message

#Extra Information

Please visit this page regularly as rules can be changed over time.
Any of these penalties are guidelines and because every situation is different it will be judged on a case by case basis. Also remember that when registering a account on our website you have agreed with our Terms of Service and those apply to your account.

The above rules are in effect since: 2020-12-30 00:00:00 and only count after this date