Welcome to the Promotion Event for new Player

Servertime "Start 27/11/2021  00:00
Finish 26/12/2021 23:59:59"

To participate in the event just create a New character: Event Char Name
PROMO0000 - PROMO9999


● You need to create a NEW Character.
● You cannot rename an old Character to Eventname (Permanent Ban)
● In Game Rules of the game are also valid for this event.
● Name for use will be announce before event start
● Different name will not be accepted an will not receive rewards.
● PVP is Allowed if you not want pvp use //peace
● You can use LagRush BOT
● The Rewards are for all RACE
● Requires minimum level to ENTER RANK: 360


Level 450+

Set 450 (+10)
Weapon 400 (+10)
High Meta item +5
Second Weapon by Char Race
( Dragon Demolition, Urboros Wand, Blue Dragon Stone,
Euterfe Flute, TomaHawk-MK3 or Decimator Parts)


Level 360 - 449

Set 360 (+10)
God Weapon (+10)


Enjoy the Event,
Team Laghaim.de